You can’t help Everyone, but everyone can help someone

We are all experts in our niches, and everyone you meet can teach you something you do not know

“Life is a precious gift. Time is the most valuable thing you have-more valuable than all the wealth and riches you can acquire.” Time is the only true asset you have in life. How are you spending that asset?

Our dreams have one thing in common; “freedom to enjoy the most precious resource we have in life; our time on this earth”

No matter where a person chooses to donate his or her time, a volunteering experience can be fulfilling in a great many ways. Even if the volunteer can spare only a couple hours a week, the organization or the party in need will appreciate the help.

There’s just something about giving back to the community that will just keep you going no matter what obstacles or challenges you face in your life. The very same principle applies even in the world of business and making money. All you have to do is ask yourself, HOW CAN I GIVE MORE VALUE? Even when you feel bored, ask yourself, what can I do that is fun and adds value to other people’s lives? That is one of the reasons we have introduced our app; HobbyTwin, to answer this and many other questions.

HobbyTwin instantly matches you with users into the same hobby skills and technical skills you love from 100mtrs to a 10-mile radius no matter where you go around the globe. Is it car restorations, playing a game of chess of a musical instrument, gardening, painting, swimming, golfing, hacking new languages, volunteering, baking, tapestry making, windsurfing or even skydiving? We believe that the best teachers are the people we are living with right now and so are the best students. We believe that if we matched people with skills and allowed them to exchange even the fun skills when they are free, we could the world free education, help people make real friend and even contribute to each others growth and development as people accumulate all type of skills around them making them elite problem solvers whenever faced by any type of challenges. 

At HobbyTwin, we believe in the slogan of “To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die”. They may not even be your nuclear or extended family, but when you add value in their lives by teaching them something new they were interested in, they already become a part of your hobbytwin family. You also become a part of who they are and they will always remember you in their hearts and wouldn’t forget you no matter how much they tried. For instance, if you asked someone where they first learned how to ride a bike, especially if they did not learn it in their childhood like every other young kid in the village, they always remember who taught them. Everyone remembers the first time they did a fun activity like swimming, painting, skating, or going for a ride and who taught them how to especially if the activity was free or impromptu with a friend who becomes family. Even today to be realistic, friends who become family or a big part of our lives and still linger for long into our memories even after the hustles of this life send us to different corners of the world. These are the friends that taught us something fun that we did not know or encouraged us to pursue activities that shape who we become.

Times is the greatest gift we have in this world; hence, by default, it becomes the greatest form of charity you can ever accord anyone in this lifetime. Giving monetary and other resources is great because there are a lot of people who need all the help they can get, but time is the greatest you can ever accord anyone coz it is all that we have. Other than time, everything else is man-made; hence, it is the only thing that your conscience will demand that you account for on your death bed.

Religion aside, after all, is said and done, did you make a difference? And if the answer will be ‘no’, did you at least try to the best of your capabilities to improve the lives of the people around you?

We believe that when you spend a little chunk of your time teaching someone something they would like to learn, you are already giving to charity coz you are giving a piece of your greatest possession you have in the world; your time. There is nothing more fulfilling than giving to a stranger or teaching a stranger something they are passionate about and watching them execute that thing/activity a few moments later with sheer perfection. Imagine teaching a street kid something you are already passionate about so you will also be having fun e.g painting or drawing, and they end up becoming the best painters of their lifetime, making a living from that skill. You will have given the best charity of your lifetime on this earth because you will not have given to this one painter, you will have also given charity to his future wife and kids if he uses that skill to put food on the table and also inspired a whole new generation of painters. That is why we are still inspired by the works of legends such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei.

HobbyTwin seeks to address many other problems as discussed at and they include:

  1. Free skills/free education
  2. Self-discovery & Self Awareness
  3. Become an elite problem solver
  4. Cure & manage lonesome lifestyles & illnesses
  5. End Poverty
  6. Promote Unity in the neighborhoods
  7. Manage racism & tribalism
  8. Learn from the dead before burying them
  9. Peace, fulfillment, and tranquillity at death.

REM: “You cannot teach everyone, but everyone can teach someone something” & “We are all experts in our niches, and everyone can teach you something you do not know

Whether formal or informal, HobbyTwin believes in using one’s free time, or mastered fun activities to make a difference in the neighborhoods no matter where one travels to in the world.


Hobby-volunteerism can be defined as using volunteering as an outlet for your talents, which for many people is also an artistic expression.  What better way to enjoy giving back than to turn your artistic gifts into a volunteer role?!  No matter what artistic medium you use—whether it’s dance, writing code, bicycling, woodcarving, gardening, mind teasing board games, music, fine arts, or knitting— you can turn your hobby into an opportunity to give back to your neighborhood and those around you no matter where you are located in this world! and this is now possible through the hobbytwin app!

Hobby-volunteerism can also be a rewarding way to enhance your portfolio as you perfect your own craft/interest.  This article is dedicated to all you creators looking to use your passion for art to make the world a better place. Here are a few ideas and if you are the only one on HobbyTwin right now, encourage your neighbors to join as well and let us try making the world a better place together through sharing our skills with those around us during our free time. The advantages are limitless, with the greatest being free education, make real friends,  giving to charity, meeting and associating with your neighbors over a common fun activity among many others.

Our message is very simple; take on an apprentice who would like to learn an activity that you are already good at. In exchange you get companionship, pass-on your skill, perfect your skill as you instruct, and your apprentice might just learn something new from you. You just might start a lucrative neighborhood tradition.

There are many reasons why people volunteer and hobbytwin comes into the picture to make hobby-volunteerism even easier. Some people volunteer to escape their lives or to relax from a highly demanding job, to participate in a fun activity, or to just feel useful around their community. Others do it as a means of maintaining links with their native neighborhoods or a place they visited when growing up or just to make connections with other people who like taking part in a worthwhile course. Some people may perceive hobby-volunteerism as a peculiar thing, but sharing interests and hobbies bring a great sense of community and communal feeling and sheer fulfillment.


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