Explore all fun activities you ever wished for free with HobbyTwin

Explore all fun activities you ever wished for free with HobbyTwin

Have you ever said to yourself, “I need a hobby?” Are you looking for some fun, interesting, cool, and all-free hobbies to try?

You most probably need the Hobbytwin App more than any other app on your phone right now. 

Here is why;

Have you ever hung out with old or new friends while doing something you were all passionate about? A hobby or common fun activity? How was the experience?

How does it feel when everyone is having fun whether you are hanging out with your childhood friends, long-term friends, or even strangers? Strangers are just new friends waiting to happen.

Do you know that the easiest way two strangers can become real friends is by enjoying an activity they are both passionate about? When you discover something you have in common with a stranger, you want to talk about it for some time, and sometimes you obsess over it and talk about it for hours, but the point is you talk because you develop a connection when you find common ground.

It is not surprising that this is how most professional, academic, and even romantic relationships are born. Actually, that is how all connections and relationships are formed; through something you have in common. When you discover that you are both passionate about a common activity or even an ideology, you discover that you are not that much different from each other.

Now imagine finding people who are just as passionate about the same things and activities you love anywhere you go around the globe from a 100-meter radius. It can be in your neighborhood, at your workplace, at school, or even when you travel or relocate to a new country.

How easy would it be to establish new friendships fit right in with people who get you, and participate in the same fun activities you love? Is it dancing salsa, jogging, doing yoga, book clubs, foraging, painting, playing musical instruments, or any other fun activities you are passionate about? With HobbyTwin, you are only limited by your imagination.

Hobbies help you build self-esteem, purpose and confidence


With Hobbytwin you don’t have to stay in a place you feel you are really not learning, or making friends who are in no way challenging or inspiring you to become a better person; you can meet friends striving to improve themselves through their passions and you can stand out together.

At Hobbytwin, we believe that the best way to fit in is to fit in with people who want to stand out. People who won’t stop pushing themselves to want to learn all they can learn, and people who want to do all they can do while they still have time. Those are the only kind of real friends that you deserve.

Get matched with people who want to keep improving themselves by learning and participating in as many self-improvement activities as possible, while accumulating as many skills as possible towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Imagine the dreams and activities you gave up on because you didn’t want people to think that you were weird, and so you lied about them to be accepted into some “cool kids circle“; A circle that was all about everyone lying to everyone about just everything trying to fit in. 

For instance, cool kids do not consider playing an instrument like the cello fun. Now imagine giving it up to be accepted to the cool kids’ table, but the cello was the one thing that used to help you express yourself or relieve some steam when stressed. Why and who the hell did you sacrifice it for? At what expense, are they even worth it?

Imagine giving up on your acting career, music career, or even your painting career because you cared too much about what others would think and say about you if you failed. Or worried too much about what your neighbors would say if you did not make it as a platinum artist, and so gave up on your potential career, a fun activity (a stress-relieving hobby) altogether. Who did you do it for? Are they even in your life anymore?

Now, imagine finding neighbors, classmates, or colleagues who are just as passionate about the same things you love. People who love and enjoy the cello just as much as you do. I know of people who used to love acting(drama) and used to be good at it but stopped doing it the moment they got to college, mainly because they had no idea where to start or who to do it with.

Others thought they were the only ones interested in ballet, painting, carving, and pottery among other activities so they forwent their passions so as not to be labeled as “weird” when people knew what they could do. Not just acting, I know of friends who gave up on their dreams of learning how to skate, play the guitar, paint, sing, swim, and even model among so many other activities because they did not know where to start, or who around them would be interested in the same thing.

At Hobbytwin we believe you should never lose touch with your inner child and, you no longer have to forgo your passions. Your interests are the keys to your happiness, and that is why we are finding people around you into the same activities you love so that you can keep them alive no matter the pressure of today.

If there was an app that could find you beautiful, smart, and intelligent classmates, neighbors, and workmates around you who are also passionate about the same things, would you still forgo your passions?

That’s where Hobbytwin comes in as it finds you, someone, who explores, or who would also be interested in the same activities, but they did not know where to start, or who they could do the activity with just like yourself.

Hobbytwin finds you a hobby match, somebody who is interested in the same fun activities, and would also want to showcase or practice their interests.

Hobbytwin allows you to Meet, Have Fun, Learn, and Network with real hobby partners around you from a distance of 100 Meters wherever you may go around the globe. The hobby twins you meet are into the same fun activities you like and enjoy. Simply add the hobby interests and skills hobbies you already know, already learning, or would like to do at least once in your lifetime. Leave it up to the app to match you with potential real hobby friends. Meet them, have fun together, learn together, and create a network of real hobby buddies who can teach you a thing or two. They are most probably your neighbors, classmates, or workmates who can become long-term friends because the Hobbytwin app finds you a match from a 100-metre radius, extendable to the radius of the earth.

Remember, Hobbytwin does not limit the type of fun activities you would like to explore. It accommodates all activities including technical and professional skills, including those that have been greatly ignored or almost forgotten in the last couple of decades.

At HobbyTwin, we believe that no skill should go to the grave untaught; not even witchcraft if that’s what you are into. That is why our very first category in the app is called “technical skills” to allow you to add fun activities like gunsmithing, car restorations, gardening, harvesting honey, bike mechanic, beauty and makeup, and everything else. Then we have “Professional Skills” for all degree programs, courses, and the like.

Write whatever little thing you know including keeping a flower garden (gardening) or even jumpstarting a car. Your neighbor might not know how to do that, and you just might save them some unnecessary tow money.

These skills may even become successful businesses with your neighbors after you’ve proven that you know your craft.

Think about all the fun activities you could learn and enjoy with your immediate neighbors. They will surprise you with what they know and have been your neighbors all along with no idea they had all these skills.

Instead of watching TV all day or being on platforms that do not teach you anything just liking booty pics and stalking people, you could follow people and like activities being pursued by people you have already met. People who pursue fun activities that inspire them and keep challenging them to become better versions of themselves.

Imagine all the activities you and your neighbors could teach each other or do together during your free time if only you found a match for every hobby you register when you sign up for the Hobbytwin app.

E.g. Playing chess and other board games, learning any musical instrument, baking and other cooking,  swimming, bowling, sewing, reading, and writing, learning a new language when you hangout, drawing, and painting, camping, hiking, gardening, rock collecting, fishing, geocaching, jewelry making, rock climbing, geocaching, gardening, archery, bird watching, hunting, volunteering, restoring furniture, woodworking and home carpentry, treasure hunting, collecting art, couponing, get a gym partner, exercise partner, biking partner, dancing (salsa, Zumba, etc), etc.

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