Have Fun, Learn & network towards the discovery of your passion

Have Fun, Learn & network towards the discovery of your passion

Have Fun, Learn & network towards the discovery of your passionHave you ever wanted to learn to play a musical instrument like the Violin, Piano, or the guitar? Just because that band class is over it doesn’t mean you quit on your passion.

There are lots of tutorials online today on how to play any one of these instruments or just how to do any hobby. However, the truth is that as human beings we learn faster and better when doing it with other people just as interested in learning or mastering the skill in question.

We all have at one time watched a video on YouTube wanting to learn a new activity, and we have even tried to set a schedule to abide by trying to pursue the skill.

However, a few days later or a month into it, the passion and the enthusiasm just die off and we lose the psyche to learn. Truth be told if you have ever found yourself in this situation it’s because you tried to go at it alone!

When you have no one around to motivate or challenge you to become better at any skill, no matter how pumped-up you are/were about it, over time that interest or the enthusiasm you had at the beginning may disappear. The same thing would happen if I dropped you off at one of the best institutions in the world let’s say Oxford University, giving you access to all the resources in the institution, but then asked everyone else; students, professors, and staff included to vacate the premises so that you can study.

Trust me you wouldn’t learn anything. We go to these elite institutions for the environment they offer more than the facilities. It is the company; fellow students, professors, and the supporting staff that make the whole experience worthwhile and conducive for learning. This fact suggests that being in an environment with people interested in the same things you are passionate about is the best way to learn no matter the skill in question.

Have Fun, Learn & network towards the discovery of your passion

Looking at the above scenario about mastering an instrument, other times we make excuses such as “I do not have enough time to practice” or “it’s too difficult and I will never master it.” This is why we need the Hobbyswin app. It does not only find you a person who is interested in learning/doing the same interest, but it also finds you the hobby buddy closest to you, from within 100 Meters radius, and extendable to the entire radius of the earth no matter where you relocate to or visit in the world. Hobbytwin tries to find you the person closest to you, so this is most definitely one of your neighbors, classmates, or colleagues.

The Hobbytwin app comes in handy especially for college students, working professionals, tourists, and even senior citizens in their early years of retirement.

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Hobbytwin for Teenagers and College Students:

What we need to understand as a people, and advise our teenagers and the youth is that you will never again in your life have as much free time as you do in college. After that, your personal and/or free time becomes a luxury. As a matter of fact, after college, most employed people usually say “I live at work and visit the house sometimes” and these are the lucky ones; those who get a job.  After graduation, the world has a very cunning way of humbling you, and reminding you, that you do not know shit! This is especially more so if you did not take advantage of your college years, to do and learn everything that you could have possibly learned during your free time.

The greatest lie you tell yourself in college is that you still have time!

College should just prepare you to learn how to learn and that’s it. The real learning comes after graduation coz the world reminds you that you don’t know shit, and now have to figure out how to first get a job and do a lot of “grownup stuff”. Oh, don’t get me wrong you are going to graduate a highly qualified and knowledgeable professional, but so will be thousands of other people, some even more qualified than you pounding the pavement every day trying to fill the same position as you.

From there your life will never be the same as you have to figure out how to pay your student loans and bills, afford transport to and from work, meet your basic needs/upkeep, help your parents, and still keep a spouse and your boss happy. As if that isn’t stressful enough, you still have to think about settling down and starting a family, and in today’s economy, children are very very expensive. If you get your first child while you have still not figured out who you are or who you were meant to be, chances are you might never do coz your life is never yours again from the moment you have that first child. It becomes theirs.

Knowing this to be true what you need to ask yourself is this; “If I do not manage the precious little time I have in college well, use it to learn and try everything I ever envied or wished I could when I was young, will I ever again have time after college?  The truth is that after college we are so much caught up in life and the college years become nothing more than distant memories.

If you are in a high school and/or college where there are facilities like a swimming pool, why are you graduating and leaving that institution without learning how to swim? If your classmates in high school or college come to class on a bike, why are you graduating without learning how to ride one, yet when lectures get canceled you are the first out of the door to go find booze, or binge-watch a show that is not teaching you anything?

If you have a classmate who knows how to knit, paint, cook, or even bake, and you do not know how to cook anything other than just making noodles, why are you the first one to hit the door to go watch a whole season of keeping up with the Kardashians? Do you know it will be much more costly to learn how to do any of these activities after college, and that’s if you ever make the time to learn how to do them?

It is much easier to explore all the activities you have ever wanted to while you still have the time, and there is no better time than when still in high school or college. So use the Hobbytwin app, find someone to teach you these activities, and teach them something in return while still in college because you might never get the time to do any of them again. If you do them while in college afterward, it’s usually at the expense of sacrificing precious time that should be well managed by making smart decisions like clearing your student loans, investing, or developing your career.

The Hobbytwin app is not just for college students, it is also for neighbors who find themselves with free time on their hands but have never achieved, or tried to pursue their dreams or fun activities. It could be either because they have no idea where to start, or who to explore them with. There are so many of your neighbors who would like to go for a morning or an evening run and achieve that toned or fit-body goal, but just sit back and watch others do it. Others just lack the confidence to want to step out and do it alone, and that’s where Hobbytwin comes in.

Have Fun, Learn & network towards the discovery of your passion

HobbyTwin gives you a hobby partner who isn’t afraid of stepping into those sketchers and going for a run without caring what other people think. If you were afraid of going at it alone, but Hobbytwin found one person willing to dare and go for that run with you, would you still hide away or would you go for it? Think about it for a second. With Hobbytwin, the only excuse you will have is yourself, and you will only have yourself to blame if you never start doing what you love because we find you people who know how to do it, and where to do it.

Truth be told, the best teachers you will ever find in this life do not reside in the university lecture rooms because even the lecturers themselves are also trying to figure their stuff out. The best teachers you will ever find are the people you are living with right now. They are your neighbors, your classmates, your family and relatives, and even your workmates. The people you live with can help you realize talents that you didn’t even know you had if you would only get together and explore during your free time.

They can help you become who you were meant to become even in adulthood. You may just be the best fashion designer the world has ever seen, yet your neighbor has always had that sewing machine in the attic. For instance, have you always wanted to learn how to play chess or learn to paint, but never dared to buy that paintbrush or canvas because you did not know where to start?

Tell Hobbytwin the hobby interest you know, the ones you would like to learn, and those you only dream of coz you think they may never come true. Then let the app find you a neighbor who is just as crazy or ‘weird’ as yourself and go do it in the park or under a tree. Do these together during your free time and have fun as you learn and network towards self-discovery and becoming the best version of yourselves.

It’s time you turn off that inner voice that tells you that you can’t and start telling yourself you can and you will. It’s called the power of attraction. There is also a saying that whoever believes they can and whoever believes they can’t are both right. It’s all about how you perceive your life that determines who you become and what you achieve with it.

That’s what Hobbytwin is all about. It finds your friends who are into the same hobbies, interests, and technical and professional skills you love. Once matched you can help each other towards mastering new skills and becoming the best versions of yourselves.

The advantages?

You make real friends other than the fake ones we make online. Besides, they are mostly your neighbors, classmates, and work colleagues since the app matches with the people closest to you. You will meet these people in real life and can help you become better in your painting, carving, singing, baking, dancing, gardening, car restoration techniques, time management when free, knitting, playing the piano, and everything else you have ever wanted to pursue. These friends are first and foremost your most immediate neighbors, classmates, and colleagues, from a 100Mtrs radius, and there is no way you can exhaust all the skills within a 20-kilometer radius.

Instead of having thousands of virtual friends you have never met, these will be people you will have met already.

It will also create a real network of people you can relate to. You do not have to be ‘weird’ alone if you play the banjo, the violin, or the cello. You will be weird together, and together you can mentor and motivate each other, try new keys, try new music on the violin, the following day try a new instrument or a new genre of music, and so on.

At Hobbytwin, we believe you are your only limit to achieving and/or living all the activities and dreams you aspired to when you were young.

People have diverse dreams. For some, learning how to play the guitar could be their ultimate goal in life. For others, it could be learning how to swim, play chess, join a golf club, etc. At hobbytwin we expect people to save and explore diverse skills and dreams they would like to explore even just once in their lifetime. The skills saved entered by different users will differ based on the user’s location, age, and culture among other aspects.

Many advantages can come from listing all the interests one would like to explore even if just once in their lifetime. If you don’t know how else to think of the app, perhaps think of it as some sort of a bucket list that lets you and your network of who you are and aspire to be. For instance, if a family member or your firm wanted to give you a birthday present or a holiday trip for a job well done, it would be easy for them to know the things you dream of or would like to do at least once in a lifetime, and they wouldn’t have a difficult time deciding what to get you.

Say goodbye to watching TV like a zombie day in and day out, and say hello to having more fun, creativity, and wellness in your life through Hobbytwin.

Explore all the inspirational hobbies you have ever wanted with your neighbors, family, and friends through HobbyTwin

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